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Our Process

Upon receving your order via internet, email or fax you will be notified via email when:

  • Order is received and in progress
  • Inspection is scheduled
  • Inspection is complete
  • Anticipated delivery date (usually 48 hours after inspection)
  • Report Completion

At New Era Appraisals we strive to provide the highest level of customer service to our clients.  Our system of ordering and delivering appraisals allows our clients to be informed in every step of the appraisal process.  Our goal is to keep you informed and off of the telephone, with us atleast.  Our proven protocol of handling appraisal assignments allows us to better server you, while you are able to better serve your clients.

We also offer services that are tailored to our repeat customers that allows web access to all your appraisals and instant reponse to those appraisal questions that just can't wait.